Bumble Bee Cakepops

My family had a picnic get-together over the weekend & what better to bring to a picnic than bugs! Check out the Ladybug Cakepops, Snail Cakepops & Caterpillar Cakepops for the rest of the gang!

Each pop is white cake & vanilla frosting rolled into balls then shaped into a cylinder. After being dipped in yellow candy melts, I piped 3 black parallel lines to mimic that bee pattern. I made wings by rolling a relatively thin layer of white fondant & cutting out oval shapes; letting them dry overnight formed over my fondant rolling pin so they were curved when hardened. I attached 2 wings for each cylinder using yellow candy melts, then added 2 eyes & a smile using black candy melts.

Bumble Bee Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

At first I thought the wings on these looked SO stupid; but after it was all said & done I think they actually turned out pretty cute! 🙂

Watch the video!


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