BB-8 Cakepops

A lucky little boy gets to devour these bad boys for his birthday tomorrow!

Each BB-8 is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting; the body is a normal ball shape, while the head is 1/8 of a ball, molded into sort of a U.F.O. shape for lack of a better descriptor. the heads were attached to the body with white candy melts before inserting the sticks & dipping them whole into the same white candy melts. I used orange candy melts & a piping bag’s decorating tip to help make the four circles on BB-8’s sides, then using a sewing scribe tool (basically a glorified toothpick in this case) to add the remaining partial circles toward’s BB-8’s head & the stick. I used a piping bag to pipe the remaining details: black for the “eyes” & a mixture of black & white to get grey for the “metal” details on the body.

BB-8 Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

And that’s it! These were time consuming, but fairly easy considering. I think they turned out great 🙂 Hopefully they meet expectations!

Watch the video!


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