Festival of Trees

This past November I had the privilege to make cakepops for Lake Area Tech Institute’s Festival of Trees event in Watertown, SD.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience & I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity! This is the biggest order I’ve fulfilled to date (the most draining, too! haha).

It took 20 cakes, 60 eggs, 56 ounces of oil, 6 pounds of frosting, 17 pounds of chocolate, 2 pounds of sprinkles & roughly 60 hours to complete. Can you say “whew!”? 🙂 But it was SO worth it. Just under 600 beautiful silver & gold Christmas cake balls were made with love & enjoyed by everyone who attended the event. Thank you LATI for considering my cakepops for your fabulous Christmas event! 😀

Half were vanilla & half were chocolate; decorated with sprinkled snowflakes, christmas trees & zigzags for an elegant look.

Silver Snowflake Cakeballs | Courtney's CakepopsGold Snowflake Cakeballs | Courtney's CakepopsSilver Christmas Tree Cakeballs | Courtney's CakepopsGold Christmas Tree Cakeballs | Courtney's CakepopsSilver Cakeballs | Courtney's CakepopsGold Cakeballs | Courtney's Cakepops


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