Sea Turtle Cakepops

Sea life cakepops this week!

Each turtle was made with white cake & vanilla frosting, molded into a shell shape: I started out with a ball, flattened it on a cookie sheet, then pinched the edges & smoothed out the hump. I then dipped them in brown candy melts. I used marshmallows to make the head & four flippers & dipped each piece into green candy melts. To assemble, I used green candy melts like glue — I took the stick out of the shell before I did this because I thought it would make this part easier, but I don’t think it was necessary looking back. I then reinserted the stick & piped green candy melts to cover the underside of the shell, not only to look like the turtle’s body was complete, but to also reinforce the limbs I’ve just attached. I then added the shell pattern using brown candy melts & eyes using black candy melts.

Sea Turtle Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

Can you say AWESOME?! These turtles turned out much better than I was planning, so I’m beyond happy with them!

Watch how they were made!


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