Pirate Ship Cakepops

These pops turned out so darned cute; however I actually made them a month ago & just haven’t had the time to post them until now. Check out the other pirate themed pops I made along with them: Pirates, Pirate Hooks, Pirate Ship Steering Wheels, and Treasure Maps.

Each ship is made with white cake & vanilla frosting rolled into balls, shaped into trapezoids & dipped into brown candy melts. Horizontal lines were added to the sides of the ship to give the illusion of wood using the same brown candy melts in a piping bag & waves were added at the bottom using a mixture of blue & white candy melts in a piping bag. I dolloped a sizable amount of that same blue candy melt mixture onto some wax paper & set the ship in the middle to act as if the boat is floating on water.

The sail is made out of a 3×5 notecard using a pencil to quickly sketch a skull & bones pattern, then using black markers to color stripes in the background. Half of the sails are colored black & the other half are colored red. As you can see, the sail is not super precise — if given more time, I would have done this part better.

Pirate Ship Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

From afar & along with the whole fleet of ships, these look quite impressive. Perfect for a pirate themed party! Unfortunately I was pressed for time when I made these pops so I didn’t film the process (totally regret that) 😦 but the recipient loved them & that’s all that matters 🙂


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