Hello Kitty Cakepops

It’s Pyper’s birthday this weekend! Happy 3rd Birthday to the cutest little girl!

Each pop was made using white cake and vanilla frosting rolled into a ball. I attached two mini chocolate chips to the top of each ball (head) with a small amount of melted white candy melts. After those dried completely, they were dipped in white candy melts (I ended up double dipping them because you could “see” the chocolateyness from the chocolate chips under the white candy melts with only one dip) — and actually, even dipping it twice, you could STILL see it a little bit; but it was subtle enough that you didn’t really notice unless you were looking. I used a toothpick to draw on all the facial features; yellow candy melts for the nose and black candy melts for the eyes and whiskers. Then attached the bow using pink heart shaped sprinkles and pink candy melts.

Hello Kitty Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

These were super easy — and SUPER cute! I was worried at the very beginning (before i added the face and bow) because they looked like owls; which, in their defense, are STILL super cute… just not what they were supposed to be is all 🙂 But after adding the face and bow, I think you can tell right away that they’re Hello Kitty!

Watch how they were made!


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