Mickey Mouse Cakepops

Another toddler’s birthday party will be furnished with delicious animated-kid-friendly-themed cartoon character cakepops!

Luckily these cakepops didn’t require too much brain power and weren’t too labor intensive, because I ended up having to make them twice (totally botched the first batch). Because I knew I had a busy weekend planned, I was going to be pro-active and make the cake and form them into their balls that Friday so all I had to do was decorate them when I had time. I ended up having the balls in the fridge for 3 days or so before I touched them again; and boy they were crusty! I tried thawing them out and remolding them to make them moist again, but my valiant efforts did not prevail. 1. I couldn’t push in the sticks or the ears without the balls cracking or crumbling completely apart and 2. the ones that i did manage to stay in tact would fall off the stick once I tried dipping them. Notice at the very end of the video below how dry and crumbly those cakepops were!

Each pop is funfetti cake with vanilla frosting dipped in black candy melts after mini oreo cookies were added for “ears” (I removed the cream filling from the mini oreos and just used the cookies). I then pulled out the sticks and re-dipped the bottom half of the cake balls into red candy melts, re-inserting the stick right away afterwards. The “buttons” on their “shorts” were made with yellow candy melts and a piping bag.

Mickey Mouse Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

So! Like I said, SUPER easy! That is… if your cake consistency is correct 🙂 Haha.

Watch the video!


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