Easter Egg Cakepops

Happy Easter Everyone!

Each Easter egg is chocolate cake and chocolate frosting rolled into balls then molded into a tear drop/egg shape. They’re dipped in white candy melts then decorated with more white candy melts and sprinkles once hardened. I attempted to do the tye-dye effect with the pink eggs, which is where you add a blob or two of pink candy melts into your white candy melt cup and swirl your cakepop when you dip instead of dipping straight up and down like you normally would… the pink I used was a very pastel pink, so it probably wasn’t the best color to try with with, but they’re not horrible.

Easter Egg Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

If I were to do them again, I would do the pink eggs the same way as the blue and green.

Watch how I made them!


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