Rose Cakepops

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Each cakepop is chocolate cake & chocolate frosting, some rolled into balls – others rolled into a cylindrical shape. The balls were dipped in red candy melts & immediately sprinkled with red sprinkles. White hearts were added using white candy melts in a piping bag. The cylinders were dipped in red or pink candy melts then detailed with swirls at the top to resemble the opening of a rose. Green ribbon was added to the sticks to mimic leaves.

Rose Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

I really love the look of these; the only thing I wish would’ve went better was the pink candy melt swirls – I’m not sure if the temperature of the pink chocolate was still too hot when I was piping or what the deal was, but it flowed out of the piping bag at a much faster rate and kind of squiggled and pooled in some spots; not nearly as even looking as the red. So I wish that had gone differently, but all in all I think they do the job.

Watch the video!


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