Denver Broncos Helmet Cakepops

Super Bowl 50! Who are you cheering for?!

Each Helmet is yellow cake with vanilla frosting, rolled into balls, dipped in blue candy melts then piped with a mixture of white and brown candy melts for a skin-toned color where the “face” would go. The rest of the details were added using a toothpick with blue, white & orange candy melts.

Denver Broncos Helmet Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

I’ve gotten a lot of “A TOOTHPICK?!” comments, but I promise it was not as awful as it sounds 🙂 I knew these would be a bit difficult & time consuming, but I think it was worth it — they turned out pretty awesome in my opinion. The majority of the time, I thought my broncos looked like birds (the mouths got a little pointed and “beaky” on some), but after the rest of the details were applied & looking at them the next day, I think you can tell they’re not birds 😉

Check out this video to see how I made all of my Super Bowl 50 Cakepops!


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