Carolina Panthers Helmet Cakepops

Super Bowl 50! Who are you cheering for?!

Each Helmet is yellow cake with vanilla frosting, rolled into balls, dipped in a mixture of black & white candy melts then painted edible silver glaze via a food safe paint brush to give it that shiny silver look. I then piped the area where the “face” would go with a mixture of white and brown candy melts for a skin-toned color. The rest of the details were added using a toothpick with black, blue and white candy melts.

Carolina Panthers Helmet Cakepops | Courtney's Cakepops

I’ve gotten a lot of “A TOOTHPICK?!” comments, but I promise it was not as awful as it sounds 🙂 My initial thought was that the Panther’s logo would be much easier than the Bronco’s… & even though it technically was, I had much more problems with the Panther’s than I did the Bronco’s. The panther has a lot of facial details kind of all in one spot, & it turned out that I did not leave myself enough room for all of them, haha. So I’m not incredibly pleased with how the faces turned out, but looking at everything sitting together the next day, they looked pretty rad 🙂

Check out this video to see how I made all of my Super Bowl 50 Cakepops!


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