Hunting Themed Cookies

This week at work we’re having a “Camo Coffee Day” which is just a day for people to share their favorite goodies while coffee, tea and hot chocolate is provided and camouflage/hunting season is the theme! I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately, specifically of these amazing women who decorate cookies like nobody’s business. So naturally, I obsess and the need to try it overcomes me. It’s a vicious cycle. So here goes my shot at it!

Each sugar cookie is iced with Confectioner’s Icing which I’ve attempted to shape into 3 different scenes: a buck in crosshairs, a hunter in weeds and an English Pointer (dog breed). I was also planning on making a camouflage cookie as well, but my brown was too black which made my black look too grey; it just didn’t look good. So I opted to drizzle my leftover green onto those cookies instead. Obviously I ran out of icing to completely ice every cookie as well (thank you awful brown color I couldn’t use).

Hunting Themed Cookies | Courtney's Cakepops

Overall, I don’t think they turned out horrible for a first time try, but only a few over one dozen survived and looked presentable and I didn’t have enough sugar to make more (nor the want to take a trip to the grocery store), so I think I’ll just share the few that I have with my cube mates instead of adding to the coffee table for the event. On the bright side, with cookies lost comes lessons learned so I’m excited to try and make some better ones for the holiday season!


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