Octopus Cakepops

These were made alongside the Beach Ball Cakepops, Fishing Bobber Cakepops, and Crab Cakepops for our family vacation this summer. Everyone loved how they looked; and how they tasted!

Each Octopus was made with yellow cake and vanilla frosting rolled into a ball then dipped in blue candy melts. Each pop dried on top of previously made “tentacles” which were just more blue candy melts piped onto parchment paper. Pink candy melts were used to pipe starfish on parchment paper and the decorative dots on their tentacles while black and white candy melts were used to pipe the eyes and mouths.

Octopus Cakepops | courtneyscakepops

Kinda cute, right? I think I would choose not to give them a mouth (and maybe even eyes?) because I feel like the cartooniness took away from the simple cuteness that they could’ve been instead. But all in all I was happy with how these turned out!


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