Fishing Bobber Cakepops

These were made alongside the Beach Ball Cakepops, Octopus Cakepops, and Crab Cakepops for our family vacation this summer. Everyone loved how they looked; and how they tasted!

Each Bobber was made with yellow cake and vanilla frosting rolled into a ball then fully dipped in white candy melts; then half dipped in red candy melts. While the red candy melts were still wet, I attached half of a red Mike & Ike on top. I then used clear, elastic beading wire (for making bracelets) and attached 1 Swedish Fish to the bottom of the pop. I piped some red candy melts around the wire at the base of the pop so that it wouldn’t fall down the stick.

Fishing Bobber Cakepops | courtneyscakepops

These ones were fast and easy to complete and I think they turned out oober cute; perfect for any fisherman/fisherwoman. And who doesn’t like Swedish Fish?!


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