Crab Cakepops

These were made alongside the Beach Ball Cakepops, Octopus Cakepops, and Fishing Bobber Cakepops for our family vacation this summer. Everyone loved how they looked; and how they tasted!

Each Crab was made with yellow cake and vanilla frosting rolled into a ball then dipped in red candy melts. I cut up the extra Swedish Fish from the Fishing Bobber Cakepops to use for the claws and legs. The eyes are large, white Sixlets with piped black candy melts as pupils.

Crab Cakepops | courtneyscakepops

I think these turned out SO stinkin’ cute. They are my absolute favorite. As the week at the lake went on, the claws started to “wilt” and some completely fell out… but then my little sister pointed out that crabs actually do lose their claws during their lifetime, so what I really meant to say was: I MADE THEM DO THAT ON PURPOSE! Haha 🙂


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