Pot of Gold Cakepops

Well would you looky there, it’s a 2014 project! I made these Pot of Gold Cakepops for St Patrick’s Day last year. My dad’s side of the family, being Irish, gets together on St Patrick’s Day instead of Christmas every year so we throw a pretty big party and these cakepops were a big hit!

Each Pot of Gold consisted of yellow cake and vanilla frosting rolled into balls and dipped in green candy melts; left to dry cake side down on some parchment paper so that a “lip” would form for the pot. I then piped yellow-dyed vanilla frosting on top and added gold crystal sprinkles on top. I mixed green and white candy melts to get a lighter color shamrock to attach to the sides, made from a plastic mold I had bought.

Pot of Gold Cakepops | courtneyscakepops

I displayed them on a large styrofoam block which I painted green and stuck a rainbow to the back which I made from half of a paper plate, some markers, tape and toothpicks. It wasn’t anything fancy, but when it was all put together it was really quite cute!


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