Petit Four Cakeballs

Little girl birthday parties are pretty much the best; especially with a tea party theme! A coworker asked if I could make cakepops that look like Petit Fours for her 2 year old girl’s birthday party and of course I said yes! These bite-sized cakes with a hardened chocolate coat worked perfect and turned out super adorable; and of course they HAD to be pink!

Each Petit Four was made with pink-dyed yellow cake and vanilla frosting patted into a pan and cut using a small square cutter, dipped in pink and white candy melts, then decorated with more candy melts, sugar pearls and sprinkles. A few have flowers, butterflies and bows which were made with candy melts on parchment paper then peeled and attached.

Petit Four Cakepops | courtneyscakepops

Each Petit Four were then set into mini muffin liners to display for hungry tea party guests and I heard there were very few left over. I did manage to botch a few of these ones so I can accurately say that they tasted fabulous!


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