Minion Cakepops

I’ve got to admit, little boy birthdays may be just as fun as little girl birthdays… these Minion Cakepops were a pain in my tuckus because literally everything went wrong that could go wrong. But lucky for me, they still turned out kind of adorable. I heard they tasted fantastic too, so that’s what really matters here, right? Right? ….right.

Part of the pain these guys caused was because I tried a few new things that I don’t normally do when making pops and they just happened to not work out how I had planned in my head. I ended up redoing the hair, eyes and feet all at different times during the process so I was glad when they were finally done! Lucky for me, 5 year old boys aren’t too picky with their cake 😉 But a lot of lessons were learned so if I ever make these ones again, they’ll turn out dynamite.

Each Minion was yellow cake and vanilla frosting rolled into a cylindrical shape; Bob was 1 scoop, Stuart 1.5 scoops and Kevin 2 scoops. They were dipped fully in yellow candy melts and then half dipped in blue candy melts. The overall tops and straps were painted with a paint brush and I used mini M&Ms for their feet. Their eyes are white Smarties candy and pupils are piped black candy melt dots. There’s silver edible glaze painted around the Smarties and piped black candy melts around their heads for the goggles. Black candy melts were also used for their hair; Stuart’s is piped directly on his head while Kevin’s was piped on parchment paper then peeled and attached later. Bob is bald. A few of them have bananas attached to them which I picked out of a Runts box.

Minion Cakepops | courtneyscakpops

Lesson 1: pipe the overall tops and straps, don’t paint with a brush.
Lesson 2: don’t put them in the fridge to harden; the M&Ms got this frosty coating over them and I wasn’t able to wipe it off.
Lesson 3: don’t use edible markers on Smarties; they bleed weird colors.
Lesson 4: adhere the Smarties to a big blob of grey candy melts to get that goggle shape on the outside instead of glazing the edges; the glaze was a watery mess and overall not that visible.
Lesson 5: don’t use a book you actually like to hold piped hair in the crease of in case your hot candy melts make your cheap plastic sandwich bag explode everywhere (the original plan for Stuart’s hair and then they all broke when I took them out of the book so I ended up just piping his hair straight onto his head).

Whew! But it was worth it — I got a photo sent to me of a very happy little boy and his lot of minion cakepops so my day was made 🙂


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