Baby Shower Cakepops

I got asked to do another baby shower this summer so I decided to do some more rattles, some baby blocks and a few standard pops.

Each pop is yellow cake and vanilla frosting shaped into either spheres or squares, dipped in white and pink candy melts; some dried in a styrofoam block and some dried on parchment paper. The rattles are decorated with an assortment of sugar pearls while the blocks and regular pops are only piped with white and pink candy melts.

Baby Shower Cakepops | courtneyscakepops

They turned out really well, however, I wished I would have only done rattles and blocks; the blocks turned out way cuter than I was expecting and the regular pops were lackluster next to both them and the rattles. But maybe it was because I didn’t wrap them with ribbon like I did the others, haha!


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