Baby Rattle Cakepops

And we’ve finally made it to 2015 projects; woohoo! Some coworkers and I threw a baby shower for another coworker earlier this year and I decided to grace the tables with these fabulous Baby Rattle Cakepops. They were a big hit and sparked up the next few posts I will be sharing with you.

Each Baby Rattle is yellow cake and vanilla frosting rolled into balls, dipped in blue candy melts and decorated with piped green and yellow candy melt dots. Attached to the bottom is shamrocks made from blue candy melts in a plastic shamrock mold I had; the mother-to-be happened to love her Irish heritage so this seemed an appropriate addition for the bottom of the rattles. I packaged each cakepop in individual plastic bags and tied off with ribbon to bring to the event.

Baby Rattle Cakepops | courtneyscakepops

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to eat one of these because there were none left after the party was over, but I heard they were delicious! Haha, but that doesn’t surprise me. 😉


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